The Superpower of Time

What is time? How can we measure it? Let’s find out with Nanogirl and 5 STEM activities to teach you all about building the superpowers of time. Covering how to build a sundial, how to make a water timer and even how to make your own moving cartoon by building a zoetrope.

Explore the Time Superpower Theme

Experiment 1 - Make Your Own Sundial

This superhero business is hungry work - how long until the next cookie? Let's build a sundial to find out!

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Experiment 2 - Moon Calendar

Nanogirl wants the superpower to predict the future, and she thinks she'd got the answer - the moon!

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Experiment 3 - Water Clock

Today, Nanogirl wants to measure really small amounts of time - and she might be able to do it using the power of water!

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Experiment 4 - Pendulum

The secret of a super-swinging superpower might be hidden inside an old clock!

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Experiment 5 - Zoetrope

Build an amazing invention which lets you speed up and slow down time!

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