Explosive Live Shows

From mind-blowing theatre performances to engaging Street Science and community science workshops, every Nanogirl Live! event is designed to inspire and engage audiences with the wonders of STEM.


Nanogirl Live!

Live science edu-tainment, designed for diverse audiences.

A fun, engaging narrative and incredible feats of science and engineering make Nanogirl Live! a hit with audiences worldwide. The story in each script supports audience engagement, and retention of the science principles communicated.

Our academic credentials, professional management and production standards that are second-to-none make Nanogirl Live! the live science programme of choice for event producers. Nanogirl Live! is performed around the world in multiple languages, from Cantonese to Arabic.

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Nanogirl Making Elephant Toothpaste
Matatoa Nanogirl Show

Stage Shows

We have four fully tour-ready shows, each combining a unique narrative with enthralling and innovative science and engineering demonstrations.

Each show is readily adaptable to suit a variety of spaces, including lecture halls and smaller performance spaces.

Little Bang Big Bang
It’s Nanogirl’s lab assistant Boris’ birthday, and with the help of some clever science (including exploding balloons, instant liquid nitrogen ice cream and a fire extinguisher-powered shopping trolley), it’s going to be the best party ever!

Engineering Magic
Boris has ambitions of becoming a magician, but he’ll need Nanogirl’s help to get his tricks to work. Will Nanogirl survive being hit by a hammer on a real life bed of nails?!

Out of this World
Boris is determined to be an astronaut and fly into space! This high-action show is filled with space science experiments, from rocket jet-packs to a real live tornado!

Bring on the Noise
Nanogirl’s trusty lab assistant Boris has his eyes on the prize of a talent quest, but he’ll need Nanogirl’s help to get his act sounding good enough to blow the judges away! Featuring a huge airzooka, a flaming sound frequency tube and dancing laser beams.

Performed in the Nanogirl team’s trademark explosive and fun style, Mātātoa is a bilingual (Māori and English) show that rediscovers mātauranga Māori passed down through pūrākau, our myths and legends. Connecting audiences to the knowledge around them and showing how this knowledgeand the new discoveries that our tamariki make in the futurecan help to shape our world. This show explores the legends of Tāwhirimatea, Rūaumoko, Tangaroa, and more.

Touch Tour

A theatre show unlike any other!

For each of our theatre shows, we’re able to offer a touch tour experience for blind and low-vision audience members who are given the opportunity to meet Nanogirl performers, touch costumes and selected props and get a sneak preview of experiments that are included in the performance.

Nanogirl with Visually Impaired Children at a Show
Nanogirl at a Street Science Show

Street Science

Exhilarating, up close and interactive live science demonstrations.

In addition to our full stage shows, we offer Street Science—highly engaging, interactive science shows created specifically for outdoor ‘busking’ style engagements.

Often presented in festival settings alongside our full stage shows, Street Science brings audiences close to the action, with Nanogirl engaging directly with the crowds.


Science in Schools Shows

Are you a teacher or educator interested in bringing Nanogirl to your school?

Our presenters & educators regularly visit schools, engaging both students and teachers alike.

We offer highly engaging live science shows in schools, as well as talks on STEM subjects, STEM career journeys and leadership.

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The excitement in the eyes says it allNanogirl Live! shows are hugely impactful, inspiring and will for some of these young people be the moment that they look back on in the future as being the spark that led to a lifelong passion for STEM.