Nanogirl Spectacular Live Science Shows

Nanogirl Science Shows

From explosive live theatre performances to mind-blowing school programs and events, Nanogirl shows inspire and engage audiences worldwide!

Nanogirl Live Science Theatre 

Explosive, Nanogirl Live shows are inspiring, impactful, and may just spark a lifelong passion for science! With fun, engaging narratives and incredible feats of science & engineering, Nanogirl Live shows are a hit with audiences worldwide!

Each show supports audience engagement and communicates science principles in a fun, accessible way for kids (and adults too)! We have four shows featuring Nanogirl and Boris's thrilling adventures with science and engineering—Little Bang Big Bang, Engineering Magic, Out of the World, and Bring on the Noise!

Touch Tour—A theatre show unlike any other!

For each of our theatre shows, we’re able to offer a Touch Tour experience for low-vision and blind audience members. Guests are given the opportunity to meet Nanogirl performers, touch costumes and props and get a sneak preview of experiments included in the performance.

Science Entertainment for Groups & Events

From Brilliant Bubble shows, to Incredible Liquids and Spectacular Slime booths, Nanogirl science events are designed to be interactive, to delight and to keep families coming back for more!

Created by the same team as our Nanogirl Live science theatre and festival program, these engaging performances are perfect for retail venues. All our presenters are experienced in engaging with and delighting audiences of all ages!

Are you looking to bring a Nanogirl scientist your mall, holiday program or after-school club? Enquire to learn more.  

Science in Schools

Nanogirl Superhero Science assembly shows are brilliantly fun and engaging superhero science shows delivered by our team of expert science communicators.

Created by the same team as our Nanogirl Live science theatre and festival program, Superhero Science shows are designed to be both interactive both and impactful. Our shows have received rave reviews from both students and teachers alike!

Are you a primary or intermediate educator interested in bringing Nanogirl Superhero Science to your school? Enquire to learn more. 

Street Science

Exhilarating, up-close and interactive live science demonstrations!

In addition to our mall shows and full stage shows, we offer live science demonstrations created specifically for outdoor ‘busking’ style events. These engaging, interactive shows are often presented in festival settings alongside our full stage shows.

Street Science brings audiences close to the action, with Nanogirl scientists working with the crowd to perform extraordinary feats of science!