Inspire, Educate and Empower Through STEM

We’re on a mission to ensure that everyone, everywhere has the opportunity to develop a love of STEM—science, technology, engineering and maths.


What We Do

We deliver engaging STEM experiences for children, creating opportunities to learn and explore in a way that inspires a lifelong curiosity.

With a team of qualified scientists who are expert science communicators, we deliver explosive live science theatre shows, science assembly shows in schools, teacher PLD training, science birthday parties and much more! We create learning environments that match how children learn best–by combining compelling narrative storylines with accessible, hands-on experiences.

By opening eyes and minds through impactful STEM learning experiences in homes, schools and communities, we seek to inspire and empower tomorrow’s thinkers, creators and innovators.

Meet Nanogirl™

Originally created by nanotechnologist and engineer Dr Michelle Dickinson, Nanogirl is a superhero with a difference.

Her superpowers don’t come from magic or alien parentsinstead she builds them through her STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics!

Nanogirl and her friends use their skills to engineer their way intoand out oftrouble to inspire and empower young people around the world to tackle some of the world’s biggest questions.

Dr Michelle Dickinson as Nanogirl

Nanogirl in the News

Fiery birthday party making science fun Headshot


Fiery birthday party making science fun

Tauranga mum Stacey Kemeys (My Kids Lick The Bowl) wows her eight-year-old son with a Nanogirl Indoor Fireworks Birthday Party.

Bangs, fire and smoke rings hook kids on science Headshot


Bangs, fire and smoke rings hook kids on science

"How many of you would like to have superpowers?" asked Nanogirl in the Dannevirke South School Hall.

Nanogirl shows off impressive experiments as part of bid to get kids involved in science Headshot


Nanogirl shows off impressive experiments as part of bid to get kids involved in science

Students at Tainui Primary School in Tokoroa wowed by an exciting science performance by Nanogirl.

Nanogirl wins international science education award Headshot


Nanogirl wins international science education award

Kiwi science programme Nanogirl and the Imaginauts wins international award at the Science Film Festival in Thailand.

Home schooling Kiwi mum-of-five daughters on STEM crusade with Nanogirl Headshot


Home schooling Kiwi mum-of-five daughters on STEM crusade with Nanogirl

Whanganui mum Erana Pound (@thecultureofgrace) uses Nanogirl's Lab to engage daughters in educational play.

Nanogirl makes science a super power Headshot


Nanogirl makes science a super power

Nanogirl science communicator Dr Kate Sparks captivated a crowd of over 300 Year 8 students with the science of superpowers in Whanganui.

Demand for children's science communicators Headshot


Demand for children's science communicators

2020 threw a spotlight on the importance of science communication. KATE GREEN spoke to women at the heart of discovery, innovation, and education.

Covid-19: Nanogirl explains what should we tell our kids about coronavirus Headshot


Covid-19: Nanogirl explains what should we tell our kids about coronavirus

The original 'Nanogirl', Dr Michelle Dickinson, held regular press conferences with children in the early days of the Covid-19 outbreak to explain what the virus was.

Nanogirl's mission to make STEM more accessible this summer Headshot


Nanogirl's mission to make STEM more accessible this summer

Dr Michelle Dickinson is a pro at getting children excited about science on a shoestring budget.


Science Film Festival

IPST Education Award
Winner 2019

Prime Ministers Science Award

Science Communication
Award 2014

Women of Influence Award

Science and Innovation
Award 2016

The New Zealand Association of Scientists

Science Communicators
Award 2014


About Nanogirl Labs

A social enterprise, Nanogirl Labs exists to inspire and empower through STEM education.

Nanogirl Labs was created by founders Joe Davis and Dr Michelle Dickinson, MNZM. Based in Auckland, New Zealand, our team works around the world to design, create and deliver products and experiences that are both highly engaging and deeply impactful.

Increasing diversity and inclusion in STEM fields is one of the key outcomes of our work worldwide and we focus on sustainability and accessibility in everything we do.

Buy One, Give One
In everything we do, we make sure that everyone is able to access and enjoy a Nanogirl experience, no matter their circumstance. Through our Buy One Give One initiative, we are able to reach families who otherwise wouldn’t be able to access our STEM education programmes, enabling them to participate and not get left behind.

Our Team

Joe Davis Headshot

Joe Davis


Joe leads the Nanogirl Labs team worldwide, and many of our key consulting projects. Joe has extensive experience across both commerical and non-profit leadership, innovation, strategy and transformation.

Dr. Michelle Dickinson  Headshot

Dr. Michelle Dickinson


The original “Nanogirl”, Michelle is a world-renowned educator and communicator. An engineer by training with two decades experience across academia and industry, Michelle leads the technical content, insights and strategy.

 Gareth Baston  Headshot

Gareth Baston


Gareth manages our Nanogirl Live! theatre education programmes worldwide, and leads production management & health and safety across the company.

Dr. Kate Sparks Headshot

Dr. Kate Sparks


A marine biologist, passionate educator, and experienced science communicator, Kate develops much of the STEM content across our products and programmes.

Kerry Quin Headshot

Kerry Quin


With extensive global experience across event management, stakeholder management and entrepreneurship. Kerry leads projects and relationships with our major partners.

Jude Norcross Headshot

Jude Norcross


Jude is an experienced materials engineer and an expert problem solver. She brings people on the adventure to discover the unexpected in science while leading the content and design team at Nanogirl Labs to deliver on technical projects.

Samantha Paxton Headshot

Samantha Paxton


With her experience as a science teacher in the UK and a primary school teacher in New Zealand as well as a background in the magazine media industry, Sam brings a unique skillset of education and publishing to the Nanogirl Labs team.

Hannah Boom Headshot

Hannah Boom


With extensive graphic and web design experience in North America as well as Australasia, Hannah brings her creativity and expertise to shape Nanogirl’s creative identity.

Tammy Rush Headshot

Tammy Rush


Tammy has almost a decade of experience bringing science to kids as “Tornado Tammy.” Her expertise creating engaging, science-filled birthday parties and special events makes Tammy a key member of the Nanogirl birthday parties team.

Te Rauhiringa Brown Headshot

Te Rauhiringa Brown


With extensive writing, acting and performing skills and fluency in Te Reo Māori, Krystal-Lee heads up our cultural advisory and content team for our bilingual engagements including our live bilingual science touring show Mātātoa.

Sophie Fern Headshot

Sophie Fern


Sophie is a biologist and storyteller whose research is in understanding the gap between what we tell the public about endangered species and what they understand.

Cassie Close Headshot

Cassie Close


Cassie is completing her Bachelor’s degree majoring in biology and minoring in chemistry. She loves working with children and seeing them experience science in new and exciting ways which makes her an awesome Nanogirl presenter!

Isla Christensen Headshot

Isla Christensen


Isla is working towards her masters degree in Environmental Management at the University of Auckland. She is passionate about climate change, loves filmmaking and is an enthusiastic Nanogirl presenter.

Sarah Jamieson Headshot

Sarah Jamieson


Sarah has a BSc Hons in Chemistry, and is passionate about equal opportunities in STEM. Sarah wants to see more female representation in science and looks for ways to make science a creative outlet that's fun and accessible for all.

Georgia Third Headshot

Georgia Third


A Marine Scientist, specialising in Fisheries Ecology. Georgia is currently doing her masters degree with the University of Auckland and NIWA. She is passionate about science communication with children and adults.

Rosie Carr-Smith Headshot

Rosie Carr-Smith


A medical student at the University of Otago in Wellington, Rosie is passionate and knowledgeable about medicine and health science, and bringing science to life for children as a Nanogirl science communicator.

Arisa Parr-Whalley Headshot

Arisa Parr-Whalley


Arisa is pursuing a conjoint BA/BSc majoring in Linguistics and Physics. She is a multitalented scientist, who is also an aviatrix (flying Cessna 172s) and a netball coach and umpire.

Caitlin Meynell Headshot

Caitlin Meynell


Caitlin is currently completing her Bachelor of Biomedical Science majoring in Genetics and minoring in Chemistry and Molecular Pathology. She has a passion for the outdoors and loves working with children to open up the world of science!

Ashani Perera Headshot

Ashani Perera


Ashani is a product development engineer at Fisher and Paykel Healthcare. In her down time she loves learning new skills such as pottery and crocheting, and she loves encouraging children to learn more about science

Geetanjali Lamba Headshot

Geetanjali Lamba


Geetanjali brings a unique skillset combining a background in mechatronic engineering and finance. She is a passionate communicator looking to instill a love for science in children through the work that she does for Nanogirl.

Kate Bonné Headshot

Kate Bonné


Kate is pursuing a conjoint BA/BSc at Otago University in Dunedin majoring in Environmental Management and Global Studies. She is passionate about making positive differences in the world and people's lives.