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Discover the Superpowers of NZ’s Clever Creatures

Grab your explorer pack and start your adventure with Nanogirl's Super World!

Packed with 100+ hours of adventures in your backyard, you’ll discover clever creatures who can grow their own armour, catch prey using super slime and use solar powered wings to fly!

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Matariki Word Search

Complete our Matariki word search and start some conversations at home and school about the celebration of Matariki.

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Build your own Super-Secret Bug Base

Become a bug scientist by building your own Super-Secret Bug Base to create a comfy home for outdoor bugs and observe their superpowers!

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Super World Crypto Riddles

Start your STEM adventure with these printable Nanogirl maths challenges. See if you can solve the riddles!

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Build your Science Superpowers

Super Harmonica

Every superhero needs a fanfare, right?

Comet Catcher

If you want to study comets and asteroids in space, you’ve got to catch them first!


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Where will Nanogirl scientists appear next?

Find out when Nanogirl scientists will be visiting and performing in your area!

Watch Nanogirl Live!

Get ready for Nanogirl’s explosive, exciting and educational LIVE performance programme!

Nanogirl's Great Science Adventures

Nanogirl’s Great Science Adventures Podcast

Join Nanogirl and CLAIR (Nanogirl’s nanobot) for an exciting science-filled podcast adventure!

In each episode, Nanogirl takes group of young scientists with a curious science question to meet an expert scientist to discover the answer.

Nanogirl & The Imaginauts

Watch Nanogirl’s brilliant game show for kids—where imagination meets science. It’s fun, it’s messy, and it might just blow your mind!

Nanogirl and the Imaginauts—

Winner of the IPST Education Award 2019