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    Further your STEM adventure with these fun-filled Nanogirl puzzles, word searches, crypto riddles, STEM colouring sheets and more!

    Nanogirl Activity Sheets

    Nanogirl Colouring Puzzle

    Complete the math problems to crack the colour code. Then, use the code to colour in the picture.

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    Oceans Colouring Grid

    Use the colour chart to colour in the picture and reveal one of the fiercest and most intelligent creatures in the ocean!

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    Germ Genius Puzzles

    Join Nanogirl on her quest to build her STEM superpowers and become a Germ Genius!

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    Tyrannosaurus Rex Crossword Puzzle

    Complete this Tyrannosaurus Rex puzzle to celebrate Peter the T-Rex’s arrival in Auckland.

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    Earth Day Activity Pack

    To celebrate Earth Day, we’ve created this awesome Earth activity pack for kids and families. Can you solve all the puzzles?

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    STEM Fun Word Search

    Complete this wordsearch to start conversations at home and school about what these science words might mean.

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    Antarctic Science Activity Pack

    To celebrate Antarctic week, we’ve created this fun-filled Antarctic Science activity pack.

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    Matariki Word Search

    Complete our Matariki word search and start some conversations at home and school about the celebration of Matariki.

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    Nanogirl's Super World Activities

    Complete a Touch Treasure Hunt

    Finding different textures can give you a sense of what life is like as a blind worm living amongst these surfaces.

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    Build your own Balancing Butterfly

    Build a butterfly model and learn how our centre of gravity helps us keep our balance

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    Super World Crypto Riddles

    Start your STEM adventure with these printable Nanogirl maths challenges. See if you can solve the riddles!

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    Build your own Super-Secret Bug Base

    Become a bug scientist by building your own Super-Secret Bug Base to create a home for outdoor bugs and observe their superpowers!

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