Superpower of Time
Experiment 2: Moon Calendar

Nanogirl wants the superpower to predict the future, and she thinks she'd got the answer - the moon!

Experiment 2 of the Time superpower series - let's make a moon calendar! Learn how to use the power of the suns reflection on the moon to understand how time passes. Don't forget to download the full instructional worksheet and parent cheat sheet.

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Superpower of Time Trailer

Nanogirl wants the superpower to control time so she can eat more cookies - er, I mean, fight more crime!

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Experiment 1 - Make Your Own Sundial

This superhero business is hungry work - how long until the next cookie? Let's build a sundial to find out!

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Experiment 3 - Water Clock

Today, Nanogirl wants to measure really small amounts of time - and she might be able to do it using the power of water!

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Experiment 4 - Pendulum

The secret of a super-swinging superpower might be hidden inside an old clock!

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Experiment 5 - Zoetrope

Build an amazing invention which lets you speed up and slow down time!

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