Nanogirl Teacher PLD Workshops

Interactive Teacher PLD sessions for primary and intermediate schools.

What we cover

Our hands-on PLD sessions are designed to give teachers practical enquiry-led experiments that use common items found in homes and schools. Each session is tailored for your STEM needs which we will discuss with you. Topics can include:


What is sound and how do we hear it? How does sound travel through different media and how can we change the frequency and amplitude of sound?


What are plastics made from, what different types of plastics are there and what are they used for? What is recycling and what plastics can be recycled?

Acids & Bases

What is the pH scale and where do we use it? How can we use natural materials to indicate the level of acidity in a substance?
Teachers at a Nanogirl PLD Workshop

Curriculum-aligned STEM workshops for teachers

Empower your teachers and grow their STEM capabilities.

Taught by experienced educators and academics Dr Michelle Dickinson (PhD Engineering) and Dr Kate Sparks (PhD Marine Biology), Nanogirl’s Teacher PLD workshops are practical and interactive sessions that come with printable curriculum packs to refer to when back in the classroom.

You’ll learn how to guide children through some simple and fun science experiments that use only cheap and easy to find ingredients, to help you to keep your consumables costs low, and your students to realise that science is everywhere!

These hands on workshops are carried out in your school and we are flexible around timing to help fit around your teachers’ busy schedules.

It was fantasticextremely informative and inspiring, I learnt lots about ways to teach science as well as scientific knowledge.

It was amazing. Such cool science with things we already have... All very simple ideas and easy to implement—want to do them all!