Teacher PD Workshops by Nanogirl Labs

Curriculum-aligned workshops empower your teachers and grow their STEM capabilities!

What Teachers are Saying

"We absolutely loved our PD. Teachers are buzzing with the possibilities and how simple it is to incorporate STEM and reuse things we already have. Thank you for all the resources—I have passed them on to our team."

– Deputy Principal, Chapel Downs School

"Thank you so much for coming out and working with us! It was not only super informative and useful but also provided us a positive and inspiring boost for the beginning of term."

–Science Specialist, Royal Oak Intermediate

"That was one of the best PD sessions our school has had! We loved it! Again thank you to the team who presented. They were so engaging and the staff gave so much good feedback!"

–Teacher, St. Anne’s Catholic School

Our PD Sessions

One Hour Workshop

Our One Hour sessions provide hands-on, collaborative learning experiences that will boost staff confidence and demonstrate how effectively STEM can be incorporated into their classroom programme.

Full Day Workshop

Our 6 hour workshop includes a keynote, two 90 minute hands-on workshops and an end-of-day Q&A session.

We bring STEM to life by connecting the classroom to real-life industry. During a full-day session, teachers will learn fun and practical tools to extend their existing Science and Technology curriculums and to encourage students to pursue STEM careers.

NEW! Multi-session PD series

3 STEM workshops run consecutively with a One Hour session each term for three terms.

Our PD series builds strong, authentic connections and ensures STEM engagement is sustained over time in your school. Between sessions, teachers are encouraged to explore and implement STEM activities and share their experiences in subsequent workshops.

Curriculum-Aligned Workshops for Teachers

Nanogirl’s PD workshops empower teachers to bring STEM to the classroom!

We believe positive role models make all the difference, especially for encouraging students in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) so all our school shows and PD workshops are delivered by a fully qualified scientist or engineer.

Through practical and interactive sessions, you’ll learn how to guide children through simple and fun science experiments that bring STEM to life in the classroom. Our workshops use only cheap and easy-to-find ingredients to help you keep your consumable costs low and help your students to realise that science is everywhere!

Topics include: Sustainability and Recycling, The Living World, Digital Technologies, Engineering, Science through Art and Creativity, Chemistry, Materials and Structures, Physical World, Sound and Waves, Nature of science and concepts in Mātauranga Māori.

All workshops are carried out in your school and include free printable curriculum packs. We offer flexible timing to help fit teachers’ busy schedules.

More Great Teacher Reviews

Nanogirl PD was amazing. I would rate yesterday as among the top PDs I have had over the last 2 decades. It was motivating and engaging, and I am sure everyone will come away with a positive attitude towards STEM.”

De La Salle College

“Our Science team thoroughly enjoyed the PD today. The Nanogirl team were fantastic and we are grateful to have them share their expertise and passion with us. I know we all took away ideas for activities, lessons and experiments we could apply straight away in our classrooms.”

–Deputy Principal,
Manurewa Intermediate

The PD was great and a welcome fun event for the teachers. The session was fun and we all learnt a lot thanks to the Nanogirl team’s delivery skills.”

Leabank School

“Thank you so much. The team is buzzing after our workshop!

–Associate Principal,
Rosebank School

Thank you for the PD yesterday. The teachers were thrilled and awed by the simplicity of the experiments and materials that could be sourced and made into activities that would be fun and fascinating to the kids. We look forward to other inspiring PDs in the future!”

Sutton Park School

“We had a great day on Friday. Lots of ideas were stimulated and it was refreshing being able to have the Nanogirl team talk to us and take us through the activities. A huge thanks to your team!”

–Head of Faculty Science,
Ashburton College