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Nanogirl supports STEM education with curriculum-aligned teaching resources and impactful live science performances.

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Teacher Packs

Bring the scientific world of New Zealand’s amazing insects to your classroom!

Packed with entertaining educational activities and experiments, profiles of native New Zealand insects and interviews with real scientist role models—your students are sure to love Nanogirl’s Super World!

The book is designed with accessibility in mind and is filled with hands-on activities that can be easily adapted to suit the needs and abilities of each class. It’s designed for reading ages 8-11 but there are plenty of pictures for younger children to follow.

Each teacher pack includes the hardcover book and an additional 10 magnifying bug viewers—enough for a class to share between 2-3 children, working in pairs or small groups to find and observe all sorts of clever creatures!

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Our students LOVED it. We (teachers) were talking about how much we liked the way you talked about what a Scientist does/thinks/says as you were conducting the different experiments. This was a great way to kick-off our term of pure Science learning…based around the Nature of Science. So thank you so much!