Nanogirl Parties
Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in a Nanogirl Party?

  • 1 hour of interactive and educational birthday fun performed by your Nanogirl scientist!
  • A personalised birthday card and free Nanogirl party invitations 
  • A pair of science safety glasses for the birthday child to keep
  • Nanogirl sticker for each child

What's included with an Indoor Bubble Party?

You’ll be blown away by 7 interactive experiments, each exploring the science of air and bubbles! The children will get to touch and pop cloud-filled bubbles, flaming bubbles, and even an amazing bubble snake! They’ll also have the opportunity to stand inside of a giant bubble! The birthday child will be able to assist with numerous experiments, and will get to keep their safety glasses and personalised birthday card!

The Indoor Bubble Party is ideal for ages 4+ but can be adjusted to audiences ranging from 3 to 10 years old—older children and adults love it too!

How many children are coming to the party?

  • 1–6 ($280.00)
  • 7–12 ($350.00)
  • 13–18 ($400.00)
  • 19–24 ($450.00)
  • 25–30 ($570.00)

What's included with a Slime Party?

Our Slime Party is a workshop for slime fanatics! During the party, we’ll make 5 different types of slime that the children can take home, including fluffy slime, crawling magnetic slime and edible marshmallow slime! This is a very hands-on party so roll up your sleeves and get ready to get gooey! At the end, the birthday child will get to keep their safety glasses and personalised birthday card!

The Slime Party is excellent for ages 6+ and is aimed at children aged 6 to 10. Children need to be able to follow instructions, have patience, and work with minimal one-on-one supervision.

How many children are coming to the party?

  • 1–6 ($320.00)
  • 7–12 ($390.00)
  • 13–18 ($440.00) + for 15 or more children ($100.00 for an assistant)
  • 19–24 ($490.00) + ($100.00 for an assistant)
  • 25–30 ($610.00) + ($100.00 for an assistant)

What's included with an Indoor Fireworks Party?

The Indoor Fireworks Party brings the magic of fireworks to your living room (without the explosions) as we explore the science of light, sound, flight and fire through fun and interactive experiments! We also explore UV light, fluorescence, and lasers! Our Fireworks Party is less hands-on than our Bubble and Slime parties for safety reasons, but the birthday child is still able to assist with several experiments.

The Fireworks Party is perfect for children aged 8 to 10 years. We’ll need a darkened room, a higher ceiling and a bit more space for this bright and colourful party that will absolutely WOW your guests. Fireworks experiments are not suitable for younger children.

How many children are coming to the party?

  • 1–6 ($320.00)
  • 7–12 ($390.00)
  • 13–18 ($440.00)
  • 19–24 ($490.00)
  • 25–30 ($610.00)

How do I place a booking?

We have an online booking system on our website. Follow these steps to book:

  1. Visit our parties page:
  2. Pick your desired party theme—Bubble Science Party, Slime Science Party, or Fireworks Science Party and click the ‘Learn More’ button.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select your city from the dropdown to tell us where you’re located. Click the ‘Book Your Party’ button.
  4. Select the number of children you are inviting and select the “Choose Start Time” button to see our availability and to choose your desired time. Click ‘Confirm’.
  5. To complete your booking, click the “Add to cart” button and check out, ensuring you pay the $100.00 deposit to secure your booking.

If you have trouble, please Contact Us, and we can manually place your booking for you.

What's your booking availability?

The best way to check our availability is through our booking system. Select your party theme, city, and your desired date and time. You can also see whether we're available on a specific date.

We do get bookings all the time, and some weekends are super popular. Once you've decided on a theme, date and time, place a booking and pay the deposit to secure your party slot.

How much does it cost?

Our Indoor Bubbles Party starts at just $280 for up to 6 children, while our Slime and Indoor Fireworks Parties start at $320 for up to 6 children. These rates increase based on the size of your group.

When do I pay?

You will need to pay a deposit of $100.00 to secure your Nanogirl Party booking. Then, we will send an invoice of the remaining balance approximately one week before your party, to allow for changes in guest numbers.

What if we end up with extra children at the party?

Book for the number of children you plan to invite to your party. We can adjust the booking based on your RSVP numbers up to a week before the event. If you end up with one or two extra guests, our presenters will make a plan to accommodate them on the day.

What about grown-ups?

Although Nanogirl Labs believes that science is for everyone, everywhere, our parties are designed with children in mind. We're always up for a challenge though! If you have an upcoming group event holiday programme or after-school club, please let us know—or check out our Live Shows Page to request a rate card.

How much space do you need?

The Indoor Bubbles Party requires approximately 3 metres x 3 metres of clear space to accommodate our table and our floor mat setup. This space must be indoors.

The Slime Party requires approximately 3 metres x 3 metres of clear space to accommodate our table and our floor mat setup. This space may be indoors or outdoors.

The Indoor Fireworks Party requires approximately 3 metres x 5 metres of clear space in order to accommodate our equipment and safely perform the experiments with children present. It also requires at least average height ceilings. The ability to darken the room helps the children to see the experiments clearly. This space must be indoors.

Can you do the show outside?

The Indoor Bubble show must be performed indoors due to issues with bubbles and wind.

The Slime workshop can be done indoors or outdoors in a shady, sheltered area.

The Indoor Fireworks show needs to be performed indoors, in a room that can be darkened.

Do you need me to provide anything?

All we need from you is a clear space and access to water—a kitchen or bathroom sink is fine—so children can wash their hands. The Indoor Bubbles Party also requires a power hookup.

If you are booking the Indoor Fireworks show, you will need a space that can be darkened in order to see the experiments at their full-firework potential.

We supply all our own equipment, including a waterproof mat for children to sit on and to protect your floors from our experiments.

How messy is the show?

The Indoor Bubble show is more wet than it is messy, but we provide a waterproof mat for children to sit on that will also protect your floors from any bubbles or mess. Children will need to wash their hands after the show.

The Slime party is quite hands-on and messy, but in a good way!. We provide a waterproof mat to protect your home and clean towels to wipe off slimy hands as we go. Children will need to be able to wash their hands after the show.

The Indoor Fireworks show is not very messy, and the slime we make at the end will be done on a waterproof mat to protect your floor. Children will need to wash their hands afterwards.

Who will present the party?

Every Nanogirl party is presented by a real Scientist or Engineer with their own superhero identity! All of our presenters are police-vetted and trained by the same team who create our international smash-hit theatre shows. Your superhero presenter will introduce themselves a few days before the event and confirm any last details with you.

If you have more than 15 children attending a Slime Party, we require a little extra help to ensure every child is able to fully engage and has a great experience. In line with our party Terms of Use, we require a bit of additional adult supervision with the party to make sure all the children are able to get additional support when needed to help make their slime pots. We will supply an assistant at a cost of $100. If the children are younger, between 6 or 7 years old, we will need help from you or another adult at the party to help children mix slime and to wash their hands.

When will you arrive?

Your science communicator will arrive around 30 minutes before showtime to introduce themselves to you and set up their party space.

What are the extras?

  • Personalised party invitations for your guests (included in the price of the party)
  • Goodie bags—Give the gift of SCIENCE! Although we don’t have ready-made goodie bags, we do have Nanogirl-branded party bags available in our Online Shop. We also have a variety of science gifts available to help your young scientist stay curious!
  • Safety glasses—Purchase 8 or more Children’s Safety glasses for an automatic discount of $2 per set of glasses!

My child has special needs, can you accommodate them?

Of course! We’re always happy to tailor parties for accessibility and children with special needs. Let us know what your child’s needs are and we will happily work with you to make their special day even more special!

Do your parties include any allergens?

The Slime Party uses gluten-free marshmallows and cornstarch. Vegan marshmallows are available on request. Most of the slimes we make uses PVA glue and a 2% borax solution. We make sure that the children mix their slimes with popsicle sticks before handling them to minimise contact with the borax solution. Vegetable oil and Raspberry flavouring are used in our marshmallow slime.

Please let us know if your child has specific allergens we need to be aware of.

Do you charge for travel?

Currently, our main business hubs are Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. However, our team is expanding as we train brilliant scientists and grow our business. If you are more than 30 km from the centre of any of these hubs, there will be a travel fee added, calculated at the IRD rate, 0.95/km (as at May 2022) each way. You can find the details on our travel policies in our Terms of Use.

Parties in COVID

All our scientists are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. If you need to postpone a party due to COVID-19 in your household, please let us know as soon as you can and we will do everything we can to accommodate.

To give you confidence in booking, rest assured that if you need to change your booking as a result of the New Zealand Government’s COVID response level system, we will provide a full refund and/or waive the usual rescheduling fee, depending on whether you choose to cancel or reschedule.

What is the best way to contact Nanogirl Parties?

The best way to contact Nanogirl Parties is to send us an email to
If you would prefer to call us, you can do so at 09 886 3310.