Summer Learning Journey With Nanogirl!

Challenge 6 - Make your own game!!

This week's challenge is to make a game!

A game is a way to have fun and play that follows some simple rules. 

To complete this challenge you will need to come up with the rules of the game and build something that is part of the game.

You can make game using anything, have a look around for something lying around the house that you a re-use or recycle to make a game.

You could make a cup from a scrap piece of paper and make a ball out of some foil to build a catch game.

You could tape some leftover card together to make a hoop and build some targets to try and throw them onto.

I’ve linked some videos below so you can get some ideas but you don’t have to make them exactly the same as mine, just use whatever you can find lying around the house.

Once you have engineered your new game it’s time to test it!

Can you build your own game with a set of rules then give it to somebody else to play with?

What would you change if you wanted to improve your game? This is how an inventor thinks, they try something then thinks about how they can make it better!

I can’t wait to see your inventions and discoveries.

Videos And Instructions To Give You Ideas

Animal Puzzle

Learn how to make your own animal puzzle.

Go Animal Puzzle Invention

Build a Comet Catcher Game

Learn how to make a comet catcher ball game.

Go To Guitar Building Video

Build A Ring Toss Game

Learn how to build a ring toss game

Go To Ring Toss Invention