Summer Learning Journey With Nanogirl!

Challenge 5 - Make a musical instrument!!

This week's challenge is to make a musical instrument!

A musical instrument is a device that makes a musical sound, and sound created by making a vibration that wiggles the air molecules in our ears so they can hear it!

The easiest way to test that sound is a vibration is to put your fingers here on your voice box and hum, you should be able to feel the sound as a vibration in your fingertips!

You can make an instrument in lots of different ways, a simple one is to fill some glasses with different amounts of water and then tapping them to hear the sounds that they make. The more water that is in the glass, the less the glass vibrates so the pitch or how high or low the note is changes.

You could also make a guitar by stretching elastic bands around a tissue box and plucking them watching them make different sounds as they vibrate differently.

I’ve linked some videos below so you can get some ideas but you don’t have to make them exactly the same as mine, just use whatever you can find lying around the house.

Once you have engineered your new invention it’s time to test it!

Can you make your own musical instrument and play a tune with it?

What would you change if you wanted to improve your optical illusion? This is how an inventor thinks, they try something then thinks about how they can make it better!

I can’t wait to see your inventions and discoveries.

Videos And Instructions To Give You Ideas

Xylophone invention

Learn how to build a xylophone!

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Build a guitar

Learn how to make an elastic band guitar!

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Build A Harmonica

Learn how to build a harmonica

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