Summer Learning Journey With Nanogirl!

Challenge 3 - Find Your Fingerprint!!

This week's challenge is to find your fingerprint!

A fingerprint is a  pattern left by the ridges that are on the insides of your finger. 

What’s amazing is that no two fingerprints are the same, even if you are an identical twin your fingerprints are different which is why they are often used to help identify who might have been at a crime scene. 

There are three main types of fingerprint, loops, whorls, and arches the question is, which type do you have? Take a look at this sheet to find the types and match them to your own.

Let’s find and record your fingerprint! There are lots of different ways to do this - you could try to find something squishy like play dough or blu-tack and push your finger against it to see if you can make an impression. Or you could find some sticky tape and see if you can use the oils on your finger to leave a mark - if not try dipping your finger into some powder like baby powder or even hot chocolate powder first!

I’ve linked some videos below so you can get some ideas about fingerprints and using science to solve crimes, but you don’t have to make them exactly the same as mine, just use whatever you can find lying around the house.

Can you see your fingerprint well enough to determine which of the three types it is? If you can, can you collect the fingerprints of other people that live in your home and see if they have the same type of different?

I can’t wait to see your inventions and discoveries.

Videos And Instructions To Give You Ideas

Types Of Fingerprint

Learn how to identify the three different types of fingerprint!

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Fingerprint Library Invention

Learn how to make a fingerprint library!

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Disguise invention

Learn how to make a disguise!

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