Superpower of Strength
Experiment 1: Super Columns

Nanogirl wants the power of super strength, but holding up heavy weights by yourself gets boring after a while.

Experiment 1 of the Super Strength superpower series - let's learn how to build super strong columns! Using only paper you can construct pillars in different shapes to see which can hold the most weight before they collapse. Don't forget to download the full instructional worksheet and parent cheat sheet.

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Superpower of Strength Trailer

Nanogirl wants the power of super strength!

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Experiment 2 - Super Rope

Make your very own super-strong rope.

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Experiment 3 - Muscle Fibres

Our muscles are pretty super!

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Experiment 4 - Super Bag

Nanogirl needs a super-strong bag that won't break!

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Experiment 5 - Super Pulleys

Nanogirl is experimenting with pulleys!

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