The Superpower of Strength

How strong are you? How can you get stronger? Let’s find out with Nanogirl and 5 STEM activities to teach you all about building the superpowers of Super Strength. Covering how to make things stronger, how to make and use pulleys and how to make a machine that measures strength.

Explore the Strength Superpower Theme

Experiment 1 - Super Columns

Nanogirl wants the power of super strength, but holding up heavy weights by yourself gets boring after a while.

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Experiment 2 - Super Rope

Make your very own super-strong rope.

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Experiment 3 - Muscle Fibres

Our muscles are pretty super!

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Experiment 4 - Super Bag

Nanogirl needs a super-strong bag that won't break!

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Experiment 5 - Super Pulleys

Nanogirl is experimenting with pulleys!

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