The Superpower of Space

If you wanted to go to space, what would you need? Let’s find out with Nanogirl and 5 STEM activities to teach you all about building the superpowers of space. Covering how to launch a rocket, land safely back on earth and even how to test your astronaut suit!

Explore the Space Superpower Theme

Experiment 1 - Star Projector

Nanogirl's on a Super Space Mission, and she needs a map so she doesn't get lost.

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Experiment 2 - Comet Catcher

If you want to study comets and asteroids in space, you've got to catch them first!

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Experiment 3 - Gravity

How do you drink a glass of water in zero-gravity?

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Experiment 4 - Re-Entry Parachutes

What goes up must come down!

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Experiment 5 - Space Suit

Why do space suits need so many layers?

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