The Superpower of Sight

How do we see? How can we see things that are closer/further away? Let’s find out with Nanogirl and 5 STEM activities to teach you all about building the superpower of sight. Covering light, wavelength and magnification we will make inventions showing you different ways to view!

Explore the Sight Superpower Theme

Experiment 1 - Rainbow Glasses

Make your own Rainbow Glasses with Nanogirl!

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Experiment 2 - Refraction

Use the bendy powers of water to make things look huge!

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Experiment 3 - Thaumatrope

Make sure those bad guys stay in jail!

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Experiment 4 - Pinhole Camera

Nanogirl can see upside-down!

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Experiment 5 - Depth Perception

Why do we have two eyes?

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