Superpower of Flight
Experiment 1: Rocket Launcher

Nanogirl is ready for her first superhero flight mission, but first of all... she's got to learn the power of flight!

Experiment 1 of the flight superpower series - let's make a rocket launcher! Learn how rockets launch using pressure and see how high your rocket can fly when you use the air inside a bottle to move it. Do'nt forget to download the instructional worksheet and parent cheat sheet.

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Superpower of Flight - Trailer

Nanogirl is learning the superpower of flight! How do things fly? What makes them stay in the air? Let's find out!

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Experiment 2 - Superkites

Nanogirl is back with a new idea to help her develop the superpower of flight! Come on, let's go fly a superkite!

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Experiment 3 - Aerofoils

Time to take flight using the science of Bernoulli's Principle. Nano-Nanogirl will need to hold on tight for this one!

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Episode 4 - Rocket Straws

It's time for a super space adventure! Today we'll learn about rockets, and see if we can send Nano-Nanogirl into space!

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Experiment 5 - Ring Glider + Hoop Glider

As our week of Super Flight draws to a close, Nanogirl - and Nano-Nanogirl - try engineering some new (and quite unusual) glider designs.

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