Superpower of Flight

How do things fly? What makes them stay in the air? Let’s find out with Nanogirl and 5 STEM activities to teach you all about building the superpower of flight. Covering lift, drag, pressure, thrust and air flow we will make lots of different inventions that fly far and high!

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Rocket Launcher

Nanogirl is ready for her first superhero flight mission, but first of all... she's got to learn the power of flight!

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Super Kites

Nanogirl is back with a new idea to help her develop the superpower of flight! Come on, let's go fly a super kite!

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Take flight using the science of Bernoulli's Principle. Nano-Nanogirl will need to hold on tight for this one!

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Rocket Straws

It's time for a super space adventure! Today we'll learn about rockets and see if we can send Nano-Nanogirl into space!

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Ring Glider & Hoop Glider

As our week of Super Flight draws to a close, Nanogirl (and Nano-Nanogirl) try engineering some new, and quite unusual, glider designs.

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