Superpower of Sound
Experiment 1: Make Your Own Ears

Have you ever wondered what's inside your own ears?

Experiment 1 of the sound superpower series - let's make some super ears! Learn how your ears work as well as those of other animals by building ears of your own! Don't forget to download the full instructional worksheet and parent cheat sheet!

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Superpower of Sound - Trailer

This week Nanogirl is learning the superpower of SUPER SOUND! A new lesson launches every weekday, with a different superpower each week!

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Experiment 2 - Super Harmonica

Every superhero needs a fanfare, right?

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Experiment 3 - Buzzing Bee

Nanogirl wants to talk to bees!

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Episode 4 - Building Xylophones

It's time to make our Superhero theme songs!

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Experiment 5 - Super-Guitar

Nanogirl wants to make music loud enough to knock your socks off!

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