Superpower of Earth
Experiment 2: Wind Racer

Build a totally sustainable, wind-powered car!

Experiment 3 of the Earth superpower series - let's use the power of heat! Learn how to to use the power of heat convection to move your spiral invention. Don't forget to download the full instructional worksheet and parent cheat sheet.

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Explore the Earth Superpower Theme

Superpower of Earth - Trailer

Nanogirl wants to harness the Superpowers of the Earth!

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Experiment 1 - Capture the Wind

Find out where wind comes from, and how we can use it to create our own superpowers!

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Experiment 3 - Heat

Investigate how to use the power of geothermal energy to move things without touching them

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Experiment 4 - Power of Water

Use the superpower of water to make a turbine and move heavy objects without getting out of breath!

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Experiment 5 - Bring the Rain

Nanogirl investigates the superpower of making rain!

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